Take part in a heroic saga of shadow fire and ice.



Rulebook: Learn everything there is to know about Dammerung LARP anRead the complete Rulebook here.

CHARACTER GUIDES: You can Learn more about the in-game cultures here: 
Cern Guide 
Crownlander Guide

Jotunar Guide

Kraaling Guide

Nordvik Guide

Sudelander Guide

It's a Saga: Learn how Time & Aging works by downloading The Wheel of Years. You can catch up on the story and read the last Wheel of years here.

WHAT TO WEAR:  Figure out what kind of costuming you need using the Equipment Guide (PDF). This Pinterest should also serve as inspiration! Note that the mechanics on the costuming guide are outdated and the rulebook has the final word!

Playing restricted factions
Apply to play a Sudelander.

Apply to play a Vaesten.



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What is dammerung?

Dammerung is an emergent saga-style larp set in southeastern Pennsylvania that tells the story of raiders, outcasts, and exiles trying to survive in a dying world.

At Dammerung, you will...

Spend the weekend becoming a character in a world that is rooted in Norse mythology. You will also work with your fellow cast members to create stories that will become legends in their own right as the world moves forward and advances in time. You'll have the opportunity to forge your own tales––whether you decide to become a warlike raider, robbing honest folk of their hard-earned treasure; or a skilled handverker, creating weapons for those who would put them to bloody ends. You will also engage in a variety of activities, including storytelling, traditional board games, music, brawling, duels, warfare, and even lessons in period-appropriate craftsmanship. Finally, you can shop for equipment and goods at the marketplace.​



Ice is spreading down from the north; the south is becoming a desert. Summer wanes and winter maintains its icy grip longer and longer. War, famine, and disaster grips Midgar. Kingdoms topple, tribal Vaesten hordes migrate, cannibalistic Kraalings and giant-kin raid the Northlands. 

In the South, famine and drought have driven barons and princes to throw off the reins of the Mad King, plunging the Crownlands into the fires of war. With the growing Dammerung, the Twilight of the World, crops have failed and stars faded in the sky. The dead no longer rest in their graves; corpses are burned, buried under great stones, or dismembered. 

The Freeholds of the stalwart Nordvik stand as one of the few remaining bastions of safety. Refugees and exiles from across Midgar are forced to seek refuge in the Northlands, for every day Shadow, Fire, and Ice grow in strength. Despite the rivalries and vendettas of the past, the bands of survivors must come together, work hard, and sell their lives dearly to preserve the human race for as long as possible in the face of the growing Dammerüng. The end times are here.

​Themes and Setting

Dammerung has been deliberately designed to explore and tell stories around the themes of inter-generational conflict, entropy, and community––what brings us together and what drives us apart.​ However, it must be noted that we designed the world of Dammerung to be inclusive. It is not subject to the racism and misogyny that are often falsely lauded as a constant of real-world 9th century cultures.

To be clear, we strongly condemn the ideology of white supremacy and hate groups' co-option of Nordic culture. While 9th century Earth was a violent place filled with tragedy, we have sought to break down social barriers, and will not tolerate the use of real world bigotry or ‘isms.’

​The world of Dammerung has its own social barriers to overcome and real world ‘isms’ are simply not welcome. For example, although this experience features heavy themes of legacy and the feuding of generations, heirs are chosen on merit rather than gender or orientation, and aren’t necessarily even related by blood. A woman’s worth is in no way defined by her ability to have children, and age is not considered a burden but something to be respected. Likewise, they want to make it clear that their written cultures are not intended to be racial divides. Due to generations of intermingling and raiding, ethnocentrism and discrimination based on the color of one's skin is not only ridiculous in the world of Dammerung, it is also impractical. This underscores their real world commitment to center conflict in Dammerung around familial tensions, not race. Through all of this, they seek to provide a safe, consent-driven narrative. If you feel you are unable to participate in collaborative storytelling and creating a safe space, then this experience is not for you.

White supremacists and participants exhibiting discriminatory behavior will be investigated and may face immediate expulsion from the event.



Dec 03, 4:00 PM – Dec 05, 1:00 PM
South Mountain YMCA Camp,
201 Cushion Peak Rd, Reinholds, PA 17569, USA


what to expect


Pressure (LOW-MED)
Battles are common but characters can avoid peril easily and opt out of most, if not all dangerous content. People portray epic and emotional stories. It's been called a 'dark ages soap opera' and there is a lot of low stakes content.

Transparency (VERY HIGH)
There's a game culture of planning stories and scenes together and being open about where they're going before they even happen. 

WRITTEN Expectations (HIGH)
The organizers expect you to rigidly stick to written material, but offer freedoms where established norms do not exist

There are no levels to be gained but you can take some powers and talents. There are only 1-3 game calls to learn. Limited crafting mechanics.

Physical Representation (HIGH)
There is a culture of what you see is what you get. The costuming expectations are high but the community enjoys helping and will lend items and advice if desired.


Immersion (HIGH/LOW)
While physical representation is HIGH and enhances immersion- you may end up breaking character to plan scenes and ensure that others are walking away from a scene with a desired outcome.