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The Galaxy is at war.

For the whole of remembered history, the Intersystemic Autonomy was ruled by the Collective; an elected body from every corner of the Galaxy. It’s reach spanned star systems and transcended species, race, and class. Its peace-keeping force, The Alliance, protected the downtrodden and maintained a relative calm. The Alliance drew its power and sense of justice from a mysterious source- invisible and unidentifiable, the ability to manipulate this source and draw power from it defined The Alliance fighter’s successes. Until they failed. And failed again. And the victims of those failures were the common people, while the rich and privileged carried on in imagined bliss. Only the High Executors, the governing body of the Alliance, saw this failure, and it’s leader, the Grand Arbiter, moved to correct it. Thus, the Trium Electorate was formed. In a unanimous vote, The Grand Arbiter was named Lord Protector, the Collective was overthrown and the Alliance indicted on charges of failure to perform their office. Quickly, they rebelled against their rightfully elected Ruler and were put down by their rightful lords, and Catechismus  was  formed to seek out the remaining traitors and bring them to justice. The Autonomy became the Triumvirate, a glorious Empire built to bring enlightenment on an intergalactic scale.

Shortly after the vote, four star systems announced their open support of the failed Alliance fighters, and rebelled against the Triumvirate, forming The Insurgency to bring down the new government. Now the civil war rages on. The forest planet of Ovo Shai has become the first front, as Insurgents and Imperial troops battle for the once sacred planet. ​​

How do I get started?

First, you'll want to check out How to Play, so that you can figure out who you want to become and how to apply to the game using our Rulebook.


Insurgent is a science-fantasy game, part military simulator, part LARP. Players will fight for either the Triumvirate, an Empire fighting to maintain control, or the Insurgency, a group of rebels hoping to bring it down. It offers the chance to tell stories in a science-fantasy setting and offers combat, and the chance to explore galaxies and worlds heretofore unknown. Insurgent draws inspiration from various sci-fi/ fantasy sources including films/ series Star Wars, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica and explores themes of Tyranny, colonialism, rebellion against oppression, the horrors we do in the name of good and the utter banality of evil.


On the ground, Insurgent requires players to walk/run through the woods, often at night. They may also experience sleep deprivation and be required to engage in combat, as well as participate in simulated war time survival scenarios. It is not for the faint of heart and will not be for every player. 


However, to accommodate every player, there is also an online component that is easily accessible from home. You can read more about that in the ‘Financiers & Online Play’ section in the rulebook. 


Concering Fascism

Insurgent draws from and is inspired by content that is, at least in part, inspired by real world Fascism. Our goal is to encourage the exploration and understanding of how fascist systems rise and subsist through the use of fascist imagery and social standards. That said, any extant, real life fascism is completely off limits, and any player found using or expressing these views out of game will be removed with extreme prejudice. 


Concering Mil-Sims

Insurgent is, among many things, a military simulation. This means that we will require our players to engage with a military like structure in game. You will be expected to take orders from your commanders and to carry them out, or face the in-game consequences. You will be expected to respect those commanders in-game and out.  There will be zero tolerance for players who in any way try to buck this system or make themselves some kind of exception. 

Concering Gender

Insurgent takes place in a universe so technologically advanced that gender norms are obsolete. They have no place, in game or out. Any disrespect of gender in game will be treated as disrespect out of game and dealt with accordingly. 



The rulebook has everything.

The Rulebook contains every bit of information you need to understand and play Insurgent.  (Coming Soon)

Application only.

You must apply to play due to the sensitive nature of Insurgent.  (Coming Soon)

Pick a Side.

There are no half measures in Insurgent. You must pick a side, though you do not necessarily need to stick with it. However, reversing course has consequences, and it should not be undertaken lightly.



This game takes place in Philadelphia, PA.


Coming Soon


You can reach the Insurgent team on the facebook community page here​.

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