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Don't get lost.

Five years ago, an Incident unleashed a dark and powerful chaos into Philly. In defense of the Dream — the agreement to remain under the radar of human consciousness — the supernatural creatures inhabiting it fled. Now, Del, a vessel for the spirit of Philadelphia, has called these factions back to the city in a desperate distress signal. The Smog is spreading, and it threatens to destroy the soul of the city. Characters must balance fighting this force while also defending themselves from hunters and, often, one another.

How do I get started?

Living The Dream is an emergent LARP that takes place in a world that mirrors our own. Learn how to become a dreamer and  everything there is to know about Living The Dream by Reading the complete Rulebook here.

Faction GUIDES

Learn more about the following factions:

Make sure to put together a costume using our faction guides as inspiration. You can join their community group on Facebook to connect with other participants.


Living the Dream is a rules-light immersive experience designed to explore a primary question: In a dangerous, unpredictable world, how do you feel in control?

Participants will play twice a year in modern-day Philadelphia as one of several supernatural creatures, or as the humans who hunt them down.

They say that every town has its own personality, but if there’s one character that stands out, it’s the city of Philadelphia — the tough, witty, and wild cousin of the Eastern Seaboard family. It may not always be sunny here, but there is a larger-than-life story around every corner. The game’s design contains many homages and several direct love letters to Philadelphia and its particular jawn-ne-sais-quoi.

Living the Dream is a contemporary urban fantasy game which brings elements of legend and literature into a modern setting. Within the realm of fiction, Living the Dream has taken inspiration from classic monsters. From centuries-old folklore to timeless literature and modern film, this endeavor would not be possible without the idea that the monsters in our stories represent genuine human struggles and fears.

​Themes and DESIGN

The goal of Living the Dream is to collaborate with the other participants to tell a dynamic story in an urban fantasy setting. Players are encouraged to share the spotlight and “play to lift” as their characters pursue their own ends (for good or ill). Living the Dream sets the stage to explore grey areas of morality and themes such as power, dependence, community, and the struggle to cope with the monstrous and the mundane.

White supremacists and participants exhibiting discriminatory behavior will be investigated and may face immediate expulsion from the event.




This game takes place in Philadelphia, PA.


Coming Soon


Please reach out to the facebook community page here.


Pressure (LOW-MED)
Characters can avoid conflict easily and opt out of most, if not all dangerous content. However, consequences of ones' in game actions are enforced, and you'll be walking around a real-live city center quite a bit.

Transparency (HIGH)
There's a game culture of planning stories and scenes together and being open about where they're going before they even happen. There is however a meta-game of territory that is very cloak and dagger.

WRITTEN Expectations (HIGH)
The organizers expect you to rigidly stick to written material, but offer freedoms where established norms do not exist.

There are a few levels to be gained, and some powers that let you interact with others and control the flow of roleplay.

Physical Representation (HIGH)
There is a culture of what you see is what you get- but it's not overly difficult to reach as the game expects its participants to appear mostly human as is!


Immersion (HIGH/LOW)
While physical representation is HIGH and enhances immersion- you may end up breaking character to plan scenes and ensure that others are walking away from a scene with a desired outcome.

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