Grim and Perilous treasure hunting



Malleus isn't complicated.​ It’s ultimately about a 'not-so-friendly' competition between factions to gather as many glowing green rocks as they can- all while begrudgingly working together to survive a nightmarish onslaught of cultists and monsters. It offers a hardcore experience that endeavors to make sure all of its participants collaborate in having fun. It offers rules light mechanics and brutal, harsh combat set in a fantasy world that just barely resembles earth in the 16th Century.

Malleus is a LARP inspired by the worlds of Warhammer Fantasy, games like Vermintide, Mordheim, Darkest Dungeon, Diablo, Zweihander, and novels  like Solomon Kane. 

LARP is like adult make believe. You spend the weekend becoming a character in a fictional world, working with your fellow cast members to create stories and survive, all while competing for glowing green rocks.


Malleus isn't for everyone. Attending Malleus LARP means that you consent to witnessing graphic depictions of violence, bigotry, abuse, injury, nudity, and disrespect of fantasy religions that may bear similarities to real world counterparts. It also contains the frequent use of loud noises, fog machines, firework smoke, flashing lights and the absence of light. 


Furthermore, you also consent to harmless pyrotechnics being set off near your feet and legs, intentionally frightening or shocking simulation, being grabbed, pushed, or otherwise physically mistreated with a wide variety of simulated tortures that while harmless, are nonetheless very unpleasant. While no real world harm will come to you, the experience is purposely intense, and is by no means for everyone.


Malleus will never condone the use of sexual assault or rape themes in depicted scenes or as a plot/story device.

The Rulebook contains every bit of information you need to understand and play Malleus. You may find the Living Rulebook here. 

Garb & Gear are held to a high standard within Malleus LARP. As much as possible, they seek to have Malleus remain a "what you see is what you get" style of game. Please read their Equipment & Costuming guidelines for more information. 

Factionally Based you can choose from The Temple Malleus, Wulflund, Marklund, Freiport, and Lyonesse. (Click on a factions' name to learn more)

You must apply to Play due to the sensitive nature of Malleus. Their community is curated by an application process which you can begin here.​


1518 anno, the Herald Star appeared in the night-time sky, as it had every three hundred years, over the Empire. The same week the Holy Emperor Karleman death and the conclave of Electors to choose his successor. Three claimants stood to claim the Imperial Throne: The Archduke of Marklund, the Graf of Wulflund and the Contessa of Freiport. As the Electors bickered and schemed, unable to elect one of their number the Herald Star grew in the heavens. Doomsayers and prophets sprung up across the land, preaching Rapture or Apocalypse, as the fearful masses debauched themselves in city-wide revels or huddled in the cloistered Temples praying for salvation. Throughout the Empire, under the sickly light of the Herald Star the lords and princes tore at each other in civil war.


One the 238th Day of 1519, in the month of Summersend, the Herald Star fell from the sky on a tail of green fire. Burning with a fierce light that blinded many who looked upon it the Star fragmented and spread a wake of fiery death and divine judgement across the northern Empire. Where the shards landed, from the shattered ruins of cities and farmland or the scorched tangle of forests Darkness stirred. Monstrosities, long though destroyed or banished from the world emerged from the ash and smoke to maim, to kill, to gather the poisonous fragments of the fallen Herald Star. The militant arm of the Temple, the Witch-Hunters of the Temple Malleus raised a call to arms to drive back the cults, beastmen, demons and the restless dead that now plagued the northlands.


The Arcane College, long a vestigial cabal of charlatans, alchemists and soothsayers, studied the few shards brought to them. It was they who discovered that in the presence of such fragments their long faded power and useless spells flourished once more! Naming the substance Witchstone the set out to collect all they could. Throughout the Empire others, too, discovered the Withstones power and properties: The healing of the sick, the raising of the dead, the boon of great strength or skill. So miraculous were the benefits that few heeded the rumors of the Witchstones other malefic effects: madness, mutation and death. It was the college wizards of the Aureate Order, the Alchemists, that first used the stone to transmute base metal into pure gold. The war weary Electors suddenly took an interest, for here was a material that could refill their coffers, heal their soldiers, turn the tide of the war, place them on the Throne, make them immortal…


Now bands of brave mercenaries and cutthroats, thieves and desperate souls have signed on to strive into the forbidden lands struck and twisted by the Herald-Star. Finding a death-shrouded land of blasted ruins and haunted wilds they have carved out small fortified camps, neutral sanctuaries against the Darkness that comes each night. Each new day they brave the ruins, the Wilds, the Darkness to find the precious and ruinous shards or die trying.

This is Malleus LARP's Third official event. Details will be made available on the Approved Player Official Malleus Discord.
Nov 05, 5:00 PM EDT – Nov 07, 9:00 PM EST

This game takes place in central Pennsylvania.


you can reach them at their facebook here.

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Pressure (HIGH)
Characters are usually in peril. Night attacks may occur, and combat can be rigorous. Much of the game content is focused on running around in the woods- often in the dark. 

Transparency (MEDIUM)
There's a PVP treasure hunt and players will often surprise each other, but plot isn't especially important or secret on the organizer side.

WRITTEN Expectations (HIGH)
The organizers expect you to rigidly stick to written material, but offer freedoms where established norms do not exist.

GAME Complexity (LOW-MED)

There is some basic character growth, and some crafting and building based mini-games with very few calls.

Physical Representation (VERY HIGH)
Spells and pistols use fireworks for pyrotechnics. What you see is what you get. Garb is heavily policed for aesthetics.


Immersion (HIGH)
As much as possible. Breaking character is to be avoided whenever possible and while humor is present, it is often medieval humor, with modern puns or pop culture references heavily disguised or eschewed entirely.