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Feb 09, 2024, 8:00 PM
The Red Griffon Inn

Plunder or Perish in the 16th Century.

Malleus isn't complicated.​ It’s ultimately about a 'not-so-friendly' competition between factions to gather as many glowing green rocks as they can while begrudgingly working together o ensure the expedition encampment is maintained and defended. It offers a more hardcore play experience that endeavors to make sure all of its participants collaborate in having fun. It offers rules light mechanics and brutal, harsh combat set in a fantasy world that just barely resembles earth in the 16th Century.
Malleus is a Application Required game.
Please allow 2-3 weeks for responses to membership applications.

  • The Setting
    No one knows exactly how long it’s been. The stars and tides can no longer be trusted. The land has cracked apart, and the giant spine mountains lay partially sunk beneath a sunless sea. The dead rise to join the twilight army, and they are almost upon us. The war with the Jotun is over, and some of them have even joined us. Sea wolf vikingr raid those that we left behind on their iron clad ships, and Bone clad raiders traverse the Ice flats and seemingly endless tundra, collecting the bones for their pits. However, when the weather grows colder, and endless night darker, we all take shelter in Helleborg, the last great Hold, and home to those that remain. This time will be the last. This world is reminiscent of real world earth in the Dark Ages (8th-12th Century) with fantastical elements. The geography is different, and while the cultures have become a melting pot in the last holds that remain, think of it as earth like, with the serial numbers filed off. That said, even when the cultural lines were more defined, Real world earth bigotry just isn't a thing on this planet. If you want to do that, do it somewhere else.
  • The Themes
    Dammerung has been deliberately designed to explore and tell stories around the themes of inter-generational conflict, entropy, and community––what brings us together and what drives us apart.​ The story is a saga, covering one hundred years of a dying planet's history; and it chronicles how its denizens face the apocalypse. This last event will be the end, so if you don't want to face the apocalypse, this may not be the event for you!
  • The Rulebook
    Learn everything there is to know about Dammerung LARP and Read the complete Rulebook here.
  • The Factions (Archived)
    While they are now defunct, and the cultural lines have largely been smudged or erased entirely for years with a melting pot of humanity as the remnants- you can Learn more about the original in-game cultures and their histories here: Cern Guide Crownlander Guide Jotunar Guide Kraaling Guide Nordvik Guide Sudelander Guide
  • Costuming & What to Wear (Archived)
    Figure out what kind of costuming you need using the Equipment Guide (PDF).This Pinterest should also serve as inspiration! Note that the mechanics on the costuming guide are outdated and the rulebook has the final word!
  • Contact Information
    You can reach them via email at You can also like Dammerung's facebook page for updates and announcements.
  • Vendor Information
    Apply to vend via email at! Once approved, Vendors and their assistants must each purchase a regular bunking ticket through the ticketing page; registering as normal. This season we will have limited indoor space, and thus we are asking that vendors bring their own canvas tent set ups should they wish to attend. You will be given a centralized location in the plays pace, but we ask that you appear in costume for the purposes of sales. Power outlets per outdoor vending are not guaranteed, but Internet is available on site, and can be gotten via the camp administrative center. Power outlets are however available, in the cabins for recharging electronics, etc.
  • Inclusivity Statement
    We designed the world of Dammerung to be inclusive. It is not subject to the racism and misogyny that are often falsely lauded as a constant of real-world 9th century cultures. ​ To be clear, we strongly condemn the ideology of white supremacy and hate groups' co-option of Nordic culture. While 9th century Earth was a violent place filled with tragedy, we have sought to break down social barriers, and will not tolerate the use of real world bigotry or ‘isms.’ ​The world of Dammerung has its own social barriers to overcome and real world ‘isms’ are simply not welcome. For example, although this experience features heavy themes of legacy and the feuding of generations, heirs are chosen on merit rather than gender or orientation, and aren’t necessarily even related by blood. A woman’s worth is in no way defined by her ability to have children, and age is not considered a burden but something to be respected. Likewise, they want to make it clear that their written cultures are not intended to be racial divides. Due to generations of intermingling and raiding, ethnocentrism and discrimination based on the color of one's skin is not only ridiculous in the world of Dammerung, it is also impractical. This underscores their real world commitment to center conflict in Dammerung around familial tensions, not race. Through all of this, they seek to provide a safe, consent-driven narrative. If you feel you are unable to participate in collaborative storytelling and creating a safe space, then this experience is not for you. ​​ White supremacists and participants exhibiting discriminatory behavior will be investigated and may face immediate expulsion from the event.
  • Covid Policy
    You must be vaccinated to attend this event; there are no exceptions at this time.
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