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Myths, nightmares, and legends come to life.

Changeling: Crossroads is an American freeform, campaign game about how people and creatures of myths and legends could exist in a world like our own that refuses to make room for that which it doesn’t understand. It takes place in a version of Westminster and Baltimore where Dreams are dying but nightmares thrive.


Their goal is to give people a place to step out of mundane existence and put themselves in the shoes of a mythic being trying to cope with a reality that seeks to erase them, yet they have power that mundane people only Dream of, and if they truly believe they can change the world. This is a space where people can create stories together in which they are the heroes and the villains and their actions make a difference in the world around them. Hopefully in this process they will gain not only enjoyment, but inspiration and encouragement that can make the real world a little brighter too. 

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