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If you live anywhere near the Mid Atlantic region of the United States and you're looking to start LARPING (Live Action Roleplay), look no further.

Maybe you're not new to LARP and just want to figure out what events are near you- either way we've made it our mission to collect and curate a list of unaffiliated studios and events in the region and link you right to their ticket sales and websites- without any of the extra frills or hidden fees. Some of them even use this page as the go-between for sales. We've also compiled a list of Emergent LARPS. 

What are Emergent larps?

Emergent larp is a form of American gameplay that combines narrative and consent-driven negotiation with more traditional competitive elements, creating a game in which competition, simulationism, and freeform play all work together to support each other in the same space.

Learn more about emergent larp from Workshop Designer Ericka S.; or, watch an interview.

We hope you find the LARP that's right for you, because there sure are a lot, and everyone deserves to find the one that fits them best.

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We're curating emergent LARP From Georgia to Connecticut!

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Since we're a studio agnostic collective of larps, we've taken the liberty of providing a look at the implicit cultural norms of the LARPS we link to- and specifically, what you can expect at any given larp.

Sometimes called a Mixing Desk, you can read more about its origins here!

In this section, you'll find a bit of information regarding what the organizers and player base really care about, and the stuff that's not so obvious from reading a rulebook alone. We hope that it helps you make a choice in finding what LARP is right for you. Check out the terms below to see how each is defined.

Pressure: How intense or tough the experience is for the players, and or the ability to opt out.

Transparency: This tells you how much you'll have to discover at the game, or if there are no secrets.

Written Expectations: This tells you how much wiggle room you have to create your own fiction.

Game Complexity: Whether or not there are complex mechanics or a lot of abilities and 'calls' to learn.

Physical Representation: Expectations on how 'realistic' simulated props, costumes, & effects should be.

Immersion: How much are you expected to dissapear into the space, and its fiction.

Our goal is to have each LARP on this page have a Mixing Desk in this area, allowing a newcomer to quickly ascertain if the game culture is a good fit for them, so keep an eye out for updates!